Monday, January 14, 2013

Distraction Time-Bench DIY

I've been mulling over the responses to my article in The Millions (see previous post) and feel another post coming on regarding that, but in the meantime, I decided to busy my hands with a little DIY project this weekend.

I'm slowly learning to follow my creative impulses, wherever they lead, even when they don't lead to writing. I used to be such a stickler for working on my novel, and only my novel, whenever I had a free moment. I wouldn't even allow any cross-contamination from other genres (no essays, no poetry, etc.), not to mention entirely unrelated creative pursuits, such as gardening, baking, decorating.

I've loosened up quite a bit. In fact, I've published an article in the current (February) issue of The Writer Magazine on this very topic.

This weekend, I felt like tackling one small piece of what will be an entire bedroom design-on-a-dime renovation. (I've got a tiny, one-car garage full of "projects." No room for the car.) I started with something easy, recovering a bench. I've done this type of project before and find it very satisfying because it's (a) fast, (b) inexpensive and (c) makes a big impact.

This was a 10-year old Big Lots purchased bench. Cute lines, but nothing special. The white cushion was worn and stained.

My always industrious 3-year old grabbed his screwdriver and helped remove the old cushion. I took the base outside for a shiny coat of silver spray paint (I am never without a can of silver spray paint.) I had planned to re-cover it in faux cowhide just to throw that current hot trend into the room (kind of a Glam meets Kitsch, gets married, and has a funky bench baby), but I didn't like my choices locally. I really wanted browns vs. blacks, and none of the faux brown cow hides looked remotely real (I spent many years in 4-H, trust me on this).

In the end, I chose this brown and white flannel. I had no idea flannel came in any patterns that weren't checkered or nursery-themed, but this goes nicely with the comforter, and the silver does add a bit of glam to the room. I've always really liked a bench at the foot of the bed. Great place to put on shoes in the morning and throw all those decorative pillows at night (Why are there so many pillows? I hear my husband asking, again).

Distraction over. Next post will be solely about writing, promise!

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