Saturday, February 2, 2013

Want a Pretty Postcard?

Loyal Blog Readers,

Are you behind on your correspondence? Is your Grandma still expecting a thank-you for that Christmas sweater she knitted? Are you dreading the necessity of penning a love note to that special someone for Valentine's Day? Do you long for the days when you got REAL mail?

Let me help! I have a set of beautiful postcards from the wonderful folks at HOOT Review. The cards contain an original flash fiction little old me. And it's not just any story, but one nominated for a Pushcart Prize! The story is paired with some wonderful black and white photography.
So, whether you want a haiku for your kindly landlord, a threatening note for the neighbor who kept your baseball when it landed in her yard, or just a pretty postcard to pin up on your own refrigerator, I'm happy to supply my own text (or yours) and mail to the address you supply, no charge to you, dear reader.

If you haven't heard of the HOOT Review, check them out. They are a "literary magazine on a postcard," featuring an original work of prose, which the editors then pair with original artwork, once each month. It's a cool idea, based on the premise that, if people can read a tweet, they can surely take time to read the equivalent of two tweets (the poetry and prose they publish is limited to 150 words) even if they claim not to have any time to read literature.

The editors also encourage people to plant the postcards for strangers to find. Imagine the pleasure of discovering a beautiful magazine on a postcard stuck to a chain link fence on your way to work instead of an ad for 2 for 1 buffalo wings. Anyone who plants one should send me a photo to put on the blog (and I'll share with the HOOT editors as well).

Interested? Email me the particulars at marcycampbell at hotmail dot com.


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